About Meta Tags Extractor Tool

Meta Tags Extractor is the simplest tool to extract the meta tags of any site, including Facebook's open graph and Twitter markup tags. Enter any URL you wish to extract the meta tags from, and all of the most important meta tags will be extracted and presented in a beautiful way within just a few seconds.

Meta Tags are used in HTML page headers and include information about the web page's title and descriptions including any relevant meta tags. Other than the title tag, material in the head section of your web pages is not visible to browsers. These are used to supply search engines and social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, with the information they need, allowing your site to be categorized and making it easier for people who are searching for relevant information to find it.

Most of websites, at the very least, contain the following meta tags:

  1. Title tag
  2. Meta description
  3. Meta robots tag
  4. Canonical link
  5. And social media markups such as Facebook open graph and Twitter card.

What Does the Meta Tags Extractor Do?

This Meta Tags Extractor extracts not only the standard tags such as Title and Description of a URL but also the most important ones such as Viewport, OG Title, OG Description, OG Site Name, OG URL, OG Publisher, OG Image URL, Twitter Site name, and Twitter Card.

This tool will present all of the extracted meta tags in a beautiful presentation using HTML table. Not only that, it will also calculate the title and description lengths and scores them against the SEO standards. The tool will also make all of the extracted meta tags copyable for you to use later in your web or projects.

I also provide other free online tools related to SEO, including:

  1. Google SERP Preview which can be used to preview how your webpage will look like on Google results.
  2. Meta Tags Generator which will help you to generate required HTML meta tags for any webpages.
  3. Schema Markup Generator tool which makes it much easier to generate schema markup data for rich results.
  4. SEO Content Analysis which will you write better content for SEO.
  5. And many more which can be found here.

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