“Voy a cantar el corrido, de un hombre que fue a la guerra” – Juan Sin Terra by Ska-P

(I will sing the ballad of a man who went to war)

I saw him fighting on a battlefield

Bathed of tears, sweat, and blood of hopes

Then he walked to the sun that would never shine again

With a heart of woman he long admired

“Who is God?”, he asked to himself

With a cross around his neck


He’d sometimes wished he’d been born as a rascal

Who at least has self-confidence greater than his

Fought for himself, on a battlefield he made

For his land, love, and liberty of himself

For the love he never felt before


Continued praying for himself

“May God be good . . .”, he said

Down on knees, bow down with hopes

Looked up and stared to the sky

Hope he’d been given strength to fight himself


In a nowhere land, found a Queen without a King

At that time the war for himself began

And the people stood and stared, no help but support

For a man who fought for himself

A man who fought with himself

For the woman he long admired, with whom he will stay forever



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