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JSON Formatter tool is a lightweight data-interchange format validator and reformatter. Copy and paste, directly type, or enter a URL in the editor above, and JSON Formatter tool will clean and evaluate your jumbled JSON code.

What Exactly Is JSON?

JSON (pronounced Jason) is a human-readable and compact approach for representing a complex data structure and facilitating data transfer between systems. It's a common data format with a wide range of applications made possible by its simplicity and resemblance to readable language. As a result, most, but not all, systems use it to communicate data.

Why Should You Use JSON?

There are various reasons why you should consider utilizing JSON, the most important of which is that, while being derived from JavaScript, JSON is independent of your system's programming language. JSON is not only language-independent, but it also provides data that shares common components with many computer languages, thereby transforming it into a universal data format recognized by all systems.

Other factors include:

  1. Readability — When properly formatted, JSON is human-readable.
  2. Compactness — Unlike XML, the JSON data format does not employ a full markup structure.
  3. It's simple to break it down into logical syntactic components, especially with JavaScript.
  4. There are several JSON libraries available for most programming languages.

Valid JSON Format

Using JSON does not need any JavaScript expertise, yet having such knowledge would only enhance your comprehension of JSON. Although knowledge of JavaScript is not required, following specified guidelines is:

  1. The data is organized in name/value pairs.
  2. Commas are used to separate data.
  3. Objects are enclosed by opening and closing curly braces.
  4. The symbol for an empty item is
  5. Arrays are enclosed by square brackets that open and close.
  6. [] can be used to represent an empty array.
  7. A key-value pair enclosed in double quotations represents a member.
  8. Within an object structure, each member should have a unique key.
  9. If a member's value is a string, it must be enclosed in double quotes.
  10. True and false literals in lower case are used to express Boolean values.
  11. Leading zeroes are not permitted in number values expressed in double-precision floating-point format.
  12. Backslash characters must be used to escape "offensive" characters in a string.
  13. The null literal in lower case represents null values.
  14. Dates and other comparable object types are insufficiently supported and should be converted to strings.
  15. Except for the final one, each member of an object or array value must be separated by a comma.
  16. The usual JSON file extension is '.json.'
  17. JSON files have the mime type 'application/json'.

By following these easy guidelines, you may accomplish good JSON formatting. If you're unsure about your code, we recommend utilizing JSON Formatter tool.

Why Should You Use this JSON Formatter Tool?

Programming may be difficult since it needs intense concentration and a thorough understanding of the programming language, even if it is as basic as JSON. Still, creating code is difficult, and formatting JSON can be time-consuming.

Sample Usage

This JSON Formatter tool is really easy to use. Just throw in your JSON data into the text area. The sample of unformatted JSON data can look like the following:

{ "InsuranceCompanies": { "Top Insurance Companies":[ { "No": "1", "Name": "Berkshire Hathaway ( BRK.A)", "Market Capitalization": "$308 billion" } ], "source": "", "Time":"Feb 2019" } }

...then the beautified version looks like this:

	"InsuranceCompanies": {
		"Top Insurance Companies": [{
			"No": "1",
			"Name": "Berkshire Hathaway ( BRK.A)",
			"Market Capitalization": "$308 billion"
		"source": "",
		"Time": "Feb 2019"

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