About Javascript Minifier Tool

Minifying JS code will make your website smaller in file size and faster to load. This free Javascript Minifier tools gets rid of whitespace, trims comments, merges files, and optimizes/shortens a few popular programming patterns. It also has a large test suite.

Why you should minify your Javascript code?

Minifying, also known as minification, is the process of removing extraneous characters from your code, such as whitespace (such as indentation), code that is never used, comments, or verbose names for variables that may be replaced with something shorter.

Minifying your code leads in it taking up less space, being faster to transport from a server to a client, and consuming less bandwidth. This enhances the user experience on your site by allowing it to load quicker.

However, you should only minify the code that you are releasing, not the source version that you are developing, because minified code is more difficult to read and understand, making debugging more difficult. A source map facilitates this by mapping the minified code back to the original source code, allowing production defects to be mapped to the proper portion of code in the source version.

In terms of SEO, minifying Javascript means that you help your own visitor to quickly browse your site, regardless of the user's internet speed, which has significant impact to the Core Web Vitals metric that Google uses to determine whether your site deserves better ranking position on Google SERP in terms of site's loading speed.

Javascript Minifier Use Case

It is really simple to use. Just put your JS code into the textarea above. For example, the following Javascript code:

function copyminifiedjs() {
var minifiedjs = document.getElementById("minifiedjs");
alert("Minified Javascript Copied");

...will look like this once you submit it to be minified:

function a(){document.getElementById("minifiedjs").select(),document.execCommand("copy"),alert("Minified Javascript Copied")}

Ready to minify your JS code?

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