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Disclaimer! This tool doesn't save the image you upload. The process is running on the fly.
HEX: #2e3234 RGB: rgb(46,50,52)

About Image Color Picker

Whether you one to pick Hex or RGB color from the simple color palette or pick a color from an image, the Image Color Picker will make it easier to get to know what is the color code you click on the image.

Just upload an image whose color code you want to pick. The canvas will be filled with your uploaded image, on which you then can pick a color from wherever part you click. The Hex and RGB color code will be appeared on a floating section in the middle-left side of this page, instantly.

Important Note: This tool doesn't save your uploaded image because the process is done instantly on the fly.

Afterwards, you can copy the color code and use it on your projects.

There's also free Hex to RGB Converter tool available if you're looking to convert Hex color code into RGB, HSL, HSV, etc color codes.

You can also pick any color code from the circle color palette without having to upload an image.

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