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2015-07-10-01-44-29_decoFrom this blog’s name, you may already know my name, perhaps me personally. I am Walter Pinem, and walterpinem(is)me is my personal online journal about my stories in the past, several of my experiences while traveling, and some aren’t important enough to read. I’m currently a web developer – managing all aspects related to WordPress. You can say that this blog is one of several blogs I tend to use to do some experiments in developing a website, also my own space to breath some fresh air while working.

Besides being a WordPress-based developer, I’m also a content-writer, write SEO-friendly articles for startups and other tech companies.

Topics You’ll Find on This Blog

In the past, while I was an International Relations student at Parahyangan Catholic University, I wrote stories about my college life and posted them into this blog, so I might have chance to re-memorize those feelings I had. Some of the written stories aren’t even my own stories, they were my friends’ in real life, which I modified to fit this blog.

After being graduated from college, I started traveling from mount to mount around Java and also to some other great places around Indonesia. You should read my stories about my past trips in this blog.

Another topic is fiction. You may find some stories which are mere stories on this blog.

DO I Own the Images posted on this blog?

The vast majority of images posted on this blog are mine, especially the ones under ‘Traveling’ category. So you may need my personal written permission in order to re-use those images.

The others were taken from several free pictures directories on the net under non-commercial attributes.

License/Copyright & Attribution

Creative Commons License
walterpinem(is)me by Walter Pinem is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at https://walterpinem.me.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://walterpinem.me.

So my final words, it’s really nice to make your acquaintance.

“Apa yang tertulis biarlah tetap tertulis.”

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