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Youtube is the most popular video sharing and streaming platform on the earth. Asides from being the main source to learn new skills, entertainment, etc, Youtube is also popular to be a promotional platform, since everyone loves engaging video content to watch.

If you have business or personal website on which you want to embed your own or others' Youtube video, this is the right place to start.

Responsive Youtube Embed Generator will make it so much easy for anyone who wants to embed a Youtube video on their website, responsively and lightly. This free online tool will provide a couple of codes which you only need to reuse on your website. The provided code will make your Youtube video embed not only responsive but loading quickly, which won't slow down your site loading speed.

The technique to make the magic happen is taken by Amit Agarwal, the founder of Labnol and Digital Inspiration. Kudos to him!

How does the Responsive Youtube Embed Generator tool work?  

It's really simple. All you need is enter the video URL from Youtube into the provided textarea input. The tool will automaticall fetch the video ID and place it into the required code. All the codes are already pre-written, it only needs the video ID to make the magic happen.

The technique created by Amit Agarwal will not only make the video responsive when being embedded, but also fast in loading speed.

Normal Video Embed Without Custom Tweaks

This is how it looks like when embedding a Youtube video without applying the tweaks provided by this Responsive Youtube Embed Generator tool:

By default, each Youtube video iframe has fixed height and width.

Video Embed using Custom Tweaks

When you use the technique by Amit Agarwal by applying the tweaks, this is how your video will look like:

Notice the difference?

Note: Please keep in mind that the Chrome and Safari browsers on iPhone and Android only enable HTML5 video playback when prompted by a user interaction. They disable automatic playing of embedded media to avoid unwanted downloads over cellular networks.

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