About Bulk Domain Age Checker Tool

With the Bulk Domain Age Checker tool, you can get instant answers to questions like "When was this website created?" or "How old is this website?" by simply input the URLs - and this tool will do the rest. Enter a list of maximum 10 domains into the text area to instantly check the ages, including creation date, updated date, and expiration date.

What can you do with the Bulk Domain Age Checker?

You will receive various pieces of information from our bulk domain age checker, including:

Domain Age (The Main Feature)

With the age section of your report, you may obtain an immediate response to the question, "How old is this website?" Age describes the age of a domain, including the number of years, months, and days. If you enjoy fine details, scroll forward to this portion of your report.

Date of Expiration

The expiration date of a domain name specifies when it will expire.

If the domain name owner does not renew the domain name, it becomes available for purchase. For example, in 2015, someone paid $12 for Google's domain name; Google later paid $12,000 for it, which the buyer donated to charity.

Date of Creation

The creation date of a website highlights when it was created, including the date and time. The year, month, and day are formatted as M d, Y that looks like Jun 07, 2022.

Last Updated Date

The update date indicates when the domain name was renewed by the owner. It contains both the date and the time. This section of the domain age checker report, like the creation date, employs the 12-hour clock format for time and presents the date as year, month, and day.

Full WHOIS Info

You may get a variety of data from the extra details area, including:

  1. Registry domain ID
  2. Registrar WHOIS server
  3. Registrar URL
  4. Domain status
  5. And more

Why should you use a bulk domain age checking tool?

A bulk domain age checker tool (such as ours) can assist you in getting quick answers to inquiries such as:

  1. What is the age of this website?
  2. When did this website get started?
  3. When does the domain name for this website expire?

For instance, did you realize that www.apple.com predates Google? The domain name was registered more than 30 years ago, but www.google.com debuted a few years after Apple's website.

While a website age checker may be used to learn amusing information about well-known brands, it is also useful for businesses trying to compete with competitors in search results. Domain age, for example, may be used as part of a competition study for search engine optimization (SEO).

Continue reading to find out how domain age affects SEO – and your ability to deliver organic traffic to your site. Spoiler: Older domains have greater authority than younger domains, which might help them rank higher in search results; nevertheless, some older domains with a spammy background suffer.

If you only want to check a single domain age, you can head over to Domain Age Checker instead.

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