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Get High and Expand Your Beer Knowledge! – Titled as the biggest beerfest asia, the ninth edition of Beerfest Asia 2017 success to satisfy the thirst of its worldwide fans.

For four days, day to day, the festival continuously served the guests with the unforgettable, fun and unique experience. Starting from the day one, at August 17th to the fourth day at August 20th, the party vibes never ending.

The festival welcomed thousands of its worldwide fans, party goers, drink lovers to the true devoted beer lovers. Seeing as the right spot to hit the market, Beerfest Asia 2017 being the venue of 100 new labels of beers and cider.

Which gave the guest privilege to be the first one to taste them all. The three big names from Asia which previously rumoured to come up including Bira 91 from India, U Beer from Thailand and Black Kite Brewery from Hongkong.

While enjoying the party atmosphere, to appreciate the true devoted beer fans that came all the way to the festival, for the first time ever, Beerfest Asia 2017 had daily workshops across the four days of the event.

The workshop led by different brew masters and ambassadors to guide the beer lovers on the nuances of different types of brews and an insightful session how to brew perfect beer at home!

John Wei a multiple award winning from Brewlander & Co gave an insightful session on home brewing and Ivan Yeo a masterclass from 1925 Brewery which conducted beer sustainability themed are two big names that appear to be speaker at the workshops. Definitely top notched lists aren’t they?!

The tagline of Eat-Drink-Play-Repeat, we would not asked for more! PouchNation as Asia’s event management success to bring the event being one of the best event southeast asia in 2017.



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